The Center is proud to be a part of Chatt 2.0, committed to building the smartest community in the south. Chatt 2.0 is focused on two broad goals:

    1. Doubling the number of post-secondary degrees or credentials with real market value completed by Hamilton County graduates from 650 to 1,300 each year’
    2. Increasing the overall percentage of adults in Hamilton County with a college degree or technical training certificate from 38% today to 75% by 2025.


The CAC is excited to join the movement to strengthen the Hamilton County community with Chatt 2.0 by working on Chatt 2.0’s ten urgent strategies.

    1. Strengthen support for parents and families
    2. Create an early learning network
    3. Reimagine learning for the 21st century
    4. Increase the focus on literacy for all students
    5. Support great teachers in every school and classroom
    6. Empower school leaders
    7. Ensure high expectation and equity for all students
    8. Prepare all students for college and career
    9. Increase post-secondart completion
    10. Connect more residents to high demand jobs

The CAC is also heavily involved with the Early Matters Coalition within Chatt 2.0 that is made up of 30 local organizations that are involved in Early Childhood Education. The Early Matters Coalition is dedicated to advocating for high quality early childhood education, providing safe, stable and nurturing enviroments for children throughout the most sensitive part of their lives. Focusing on healthy child development provides a strong foundation for a positive unbringing, supportive community, and balanced economy. See the Building Strong Brains for more information.


For more information on Chatt 2.0, click HERE.

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