Intern With The CAC!

There are various opportunities at the CAC for students who need internship experience.



The process of interning at the CAC has a few steps. Below the basic steps are listed.

    1. Contact with what internship you would like to apply for.
    2. Complete application
    3. Submit your application and resume.
    4. If your skillset and academic needs fit the CAC, you will be asked to come to our center for an interview and a tour.
    5. Attend the 8 hours of required training for all volunteers and interns.
    6. Fill out the additional required paperwork, including a Criminal Background Check and Fingerprinting.
    7. Meet with the Donor Relations and Events Coordinator to confirm your schedule.
    8. Let the work begin!

Our Internship and Volunteer Program for 2024 is now open! 

Special Events/ Fundraising Intern

Are you an event planner or organizer? Do you enjoy organizing parties or reaching out to your community to support the activities of the CAC? If so, you may enjoy working with us on ACES Casino Night! Duties include pre-event planning and preparations, participation in various aspects of special events, and serving on event committees. Event set up and cleanup.


Communications Intern

The Communications Intern will work with the CAC staff on various writing projects that may include but are not limited to procedure manuals, training, website postings/blogs, and grant applications. The supervision schedule will be at a minimum weekly, more if needed. All documents/projects mentioned below will have structured work plans that include time for editing for both content and structure.


Prevention Education Intern

The P.E. Intern will work with the CAC staff on various outreach projects that may include but are not limited to: supporting CAC staff for events and trainings, leading classroom lessons regarding Body Boundaries with school children, develop outreach strategies for selected populations, and assisting with daily external affairs activities as needed.

Research Intern

The Research Intern will work with the CAC staff on pulling current articles and studies related to child abuse and other related topics. The intern will also help with keeping up with up-to-date records pertaining to CAC Organizational History. Interns may also be asked to assist with various writing projects that may include but are not limited to training, website postings, social media, and grant applications.

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