About Us

The Children’s Advocacy Center: The Emmy Haney House (CAC) was established as a private, non-profit agency in 1991 to provide a safe and caring environment for hurting children to receive the services they need in one comprehensive facility. We help victims become children again and lead normal, healthy, productive lives, thereby breaking the cycle of abuse. While we are not a residential facility, the CAC is uniquely designed to serve children who have experienced the unimaginable.

The CAC is nationally-accredited by the National Children’s Alliance (NCA) and provides forensic interviews, medical examinations, therapy, and family advocacy, which are offered at no charge to children referred by the Department of Children’s Services or law enforcement. The CAC also provides community education programs to parents, educators, and youth-serving professionals, as well as children’s groups.

The CAC facilitates the teamwork essential for effective intervention and healing and is essentially the "child's office" - a location where all professionals and agencies responsible for investigating and providing services can provide a coordinated response on a child's developmentally appropriate level. This prevents the potential re-victimization of the child by requiring the child to travel to many different locations to be interviewed and served by many different adult "strangers."

We do not take reports of child abuse. To report suspected or diclosed abuse, call 1-877-54-ABUSE (22873) or visit the TN Department of Children's Services reporting portal online.

CAC Board of Directors


  • Michelle Holland, Co-Chair
  • Jennie Hobbs, Co-Chair
  • Amy Gouger, Treasurer
  • Katie Warren, Assistant Treasurer
  • Molly Cooper, Secretary
  • Ellis Lord
  • Jay Dale


  • Gary Behler
  • Kristin Bell
  • John Buhrman
  • Jennifer Cooper
  • Lynn Cross
  • Lee Cureton
  • Jay Dale
  • Todd Dockery
  • Carla Donina
  • Irv Ginsburg
  • Cindy Huth
  • Kathy Kulisek
  • Katie Larue
  • Pam McKenney
  • Jessica Shriner
  • Todd Smith

Honorary Lifetime Member

  • Emmy Haney, Lifetime Member